This walk of varied terrain takes you from the village of Ashford, rising quickly and steeply up the Cobs Road (an old Mass path when horses/cobs and carts were the preferred mode of transport).
This takes you into a forest area and you rise quickly until you reach the highest point of the walk. In the distance you have views of the distant Paps Mountains in Co. Cork. As you walk along between the rows of sitka spruce listen in summertime for the songs of the cuckoo and skylark. Watch out too for the hen harrier which is a  protected species in this area.
Visit Lough Ghé, (Lake of the Geese) a deep oligotrophic lake which is fringed with Bottle Sedge where you may be lucky enough to see some of the resident wild duck and other visiting species. Lough Ghé is situated in a National Heritage Area containing upland blanket bog which is a globally scarce resource. The lake has been designated a Wildfowl Sanctuary.
Return by the same route to the trailhead in the village of Ashford.
Difficulty – Strenuous
This is a physically demanding trail which has some sections with steep climbs and the going underfoot can be extremely rough. Suitable for users accustomed to walking on rough ground and with a high level of fitness. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing required.


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